Entertainment: John Mossey


John Mossey is a multi-instrument musician based in Rochester, NY with over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry.

This year, he’ll once again bring his signature flair and musical artistry to Artist Row as both a performer and the show’s Master of Ceremonies. He’ll be on the main stage throughout the day making announcements and introducing our musicians, as well as accompanying himself on piano and guitar to a wide range of originals and popular hits: back to the sounds of the 50’s with Elvis and Sam Cooke, to the 60’s with The Beatles and Bob Dylan, the 70’s with Billy Joel and Paul Simon, all the way up to your favorite current hits. Also watch for some new original tunes!

John’s lent his talents to Artist Row as a volunteer for the past two years. Under his leadership, the entertainment for the show has been stellar: He scouts and arranges all of the acts throughout the day, and serves as a point-person at the show to greet and help each act set up. He’s sure to engage our Artist Row audience again this year with his spirited and energetic stage presence!


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