Entertainment: Honey and Vinegar


Our 2016 entertainment headliners are Honey and Vinegar, a duo made up of Brandon Sheffer (guitar, vocals) and Ben Overmeyer (bass, backup vocals). They’ll bring their unique brand of acoustic jam to the main stage directly following the awards announcement at 1 p.m.

13510921_634424116721762_153102634052946642_nYou might recognize Brandon and Ben from the other band they perform with locally: MoChester, a larger 4-piece rock-reggae driven band that’s a favorite of Rochester crowds. While the Motown groove provided early inspiration for the group, their current sound has a more mainstream flair. Their arsenal of original material stretches across numerous genres, from the pop-flavored anthem “Crackerjack Tattoos”, to the reggae-infused jam “Lost and Found”. We look forward to Brandon and Ben bringing the best of MoChester with them to Artist Row as Honey and Vinegar!


LOOK FOR Honey and Vinegar FROM 1:15 – 2 p.m. ON THE ARTIST ROW MAIN STAGE.

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