Featured Artist: Karen Soldwisch


Milady Linden actually was born when I was an imaginative child. Playing dress up with my mother’s jewelry and clothing was fascinating and while my mom was artistic as a seamstress, my creative sprit did not include a needle and thread!

repurposed necklaces copy.jpgAs a teen, I dabbled in simple jewelry design and later found myself drawn to antiques and especially enamored by older jewels.  I became a passionate collector of vintage, seeking out the history and styles of each era.

My first true love was the locket and while I found gorgeous pieces, I also discovered sad little boxes of orphaned pieces; trinkets, baubles and most charming what-nots. They beckoned to come home and I recognized their beauty. I adore timeworn objects obviously loved and the history they hold!

These odd parts of vintage jewelry; medals, rosaries and ornaments stimulated the dress up child in me and fueled creativity. The tidbits of yesteryear unfold into a design and repurposed treasure. A single piece can inspire a design. My head overflows with ideas; my workspace is a chaos of fabulous objects awaiting… pick me!altered salvage bottles with vintage stoppers and clock face copy.jpg

Sentimental objects are layered for a necklace, assembled into a collage, perhaps a bracelet or pair of earrings. I utilize a variety of vintage pieces such as buckles, buttons, chains, charms, cufflinks, lace, lockets, medals, mosaics, religious keepsakes or watch parts; the pieces come together like a puzzle until the look is just right! I am enthusiastically devoted to the thrill of the hunt; you never know what vintage keepsake awaits! And, my passion is dedicated to the dreams of that little girl decked out in her mama’s jewels!  For me it’s a totally a “charmed” life.

Definitely looking forward to Artist Row and meeting you all. My lace angel will show you the way to Milady Linden!

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