Application Rules / Regulations

Application Schedule


In order to start planning next steps for the event, allow time for the jury to give a final review of wait-listed applicants, and give as much time as possible to artisans for the event: The application for entry to 2017 Artist Row WILL CLOSE TOMORROW, AUGUST 3RD AT NOON.

  • Early Bird Pricing: Until June 30
  • Regular Pricing: July 1 – August 15
  • Application Closes: August 15 3rd
  • Orientation: Online beginning TBD
  • Show Day: Sunday, September 17

Online Application
The 2017 Artist Row application is now closed.

Judging will be completed prior to the show, rather than on the day of the show. Judging will be based on one designated photograph submitted with each artist’s application. The panel of judges will then convene on-site on site to review their selections. As a result of this new judging process, awards will be handed out earlier in the day.

The 2017 accepted artist orientation will be held “online” via a video created by the Friends of the Rochester Public Market. Although there will NOT be a formal/required artist meeting this year, Artist Row volunteers will be available on-site at the market on one designated evening prior to the show to answer questions and talk to artists. The date of the video release, as well as the date of the non-required on-site meeting, are TBD.


You must read the following rules and regulations before applying to the 2017 show!

Artist Row seeks both amateur and seasoned artists to participate. Acceptance to Artist Row 2017 will be based on the creativity, execution, and originality of the work. To be considered, all applicants must submit their application, fee, and at least three digital photographs of their work through the online application.

Criteria for Eligibility
Artists must have hands-on involvement in the creation and execution of each piece of work to be exhibited. We do not host vendors with work made from commercial kits, patterns, stencils or molds, or beaded jewelry made solely by restringing commercially-produced or purchased beads. We also do not host vendors selling candles, soap, plants, or personal care items. Please do not apply if you wish to sell bought/sold items, imported items, or if you are a representative/consultant for a larger business (such as Mary Kay, Jamberry, etc.). Consumable items, such as food, drink, or dried spice mixes, are also prohibited.

To reiterate, we WILL NOT accept vendors of any of the following items (and you will lose your non-refundable application fee):

  1. Items that are not handmade by the artist.
  2. Items that are based primarily on commercial/preexisting products, patterns, or kits.
  3. Beaded jewelry made solely by restringing commercially-produced beads.
  4. Candles, soap, plants, or personal care items.
  5. Consumable items such as food, drink, or dried spice mixes.
  6. Bought/sold items, imported items, or products from a larger businesses.

The most important criteria for Artist Row is your ability to bring high-quality, hand-crafted artwork to our show. We especially look for applicants that bring new types of work that stands apart in a given category or medium. It’s our goal to keep the show fresh for our perennial attendees.

Digital Portfolio
Each applicant must submit between three and five digital photographs that clearly document their artwork. These photos must accurately represent the work to be exhibited on the day of the event. Please note: Artist Row cannot accept hard-copy photographs or physical samples of artwork.

Digital photographs must meet the following minimum technical requirements:

  • Standard image format: pdf, jpeg, or png
  • Web quality resolution (72 dpi) and at least 5 inches wide

The 2017 orientation will be held “online” via a video by the Friends of the Rochester Public Market. Although there will NOT be a formal/required artist meeting this year, Artist Row volunteers will be available on-site at the market on one designated evening prior to the show to answer questions and talk to artists (date TBA).

The Artist Row planning committee maintains one of the lowest fee structures in Rochester to encourage small and emerging artists to participate.

This year’s fee structure is new. You must submit a $10 non-refundable application fee ($20 after August 1, 2017) with your online application. This fee covers the cost of processing your application materials. If you are accepted to the show, you will be required to pay an additional $40 non-refundable booth fee ($50 after August 1). You will receive a link in your email to pay this booth fee via a secure form on the Artist Row website. Your booth space is not officially reserved until this booth fee is paid in full.

A jury will review all applications to Artist Row 2017. Selection for participation in the show is based upon a combination of factors including originality, quality, technique, and overall aesthetic. All decisions of the jury are final and the application fee is nonrefundable.

You will be notified about the status of your application by email. Because each application is reviewed by all jury members it could take up to 3 weeks to receive an acceptance/rejection . If you do not hear from us, please follow up via email at Please DO NOT submit your application more than once.

Booth Space
The use of a booth at Artist Row is restricted to the artist to whom it is assigned: only the work of the designated artist may be displayed or sold. The work must be consistent with the digitals photographs submitted by the artist.

Booths are assigned in advance of the show by a group of dedicated volunteers from the Friends of the Rochester Public Market. While volunteers make every effort to assign preferred booth spaces to those returning artists that designate them on their applications, booth locations simply cannot be guaranteed. Final booth assignments are at the discretion of the Friends of the Rochester Public Market, and are generally assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Each artist will be assigned a space measuring approximately 10’ wide by 30’ deep in one of the existing outdoor sheds at the market. Please note: some spaces are non-standard in size or shape. In many cases, you will be able to park behind/within your assigned booth space. For booths that do not allow for parking, ample spaces are provided around the market for artist vehicles.

Booths are empty on show day. Artists are responsible for bringing their own supplies to display their artwork in an outdoor environment, including booth structure (canopy/tent), racks, display units, tables, and chairs. While most booth spaces have partial overhead cover from the sheds, exhibitors are encouraged to be prepared for any inclement weather with appropriate rain covers, wind-shields, tarps, tie-downs, and weights.

Sales and Sales Tax
Friends of the Rochester Public Market will retain no commissions on artists’ sales. The Friends suggest that all participating artists collect and pay the appropriate New York State Sales tax (8% on all items sold). For more information about obtaining your Sales Tax Certificate of Authority, visit:

Artist Row Awards
The Artist Row judging panel consists of local art professionals and art educators.This year, the panel will evaluate each participant’s work prior to the show based on one photograph chosen by the artist and submitted with their application. The same jury will convene on-site on the day of the show to review their selections. The Best of Show winner receives the Maria A. Friske award ($250 cash prize) and an Artist Row trophy. Additional trophies and cash prizes are also awarded at the show.


Please e-mail and one of our Artist Row volunteers will get back to you. Our show is planned and executed entirely be volunteers, so please be patient!