2018 Artisans


We are excited to introduce this year’s Artist Row artists! We have a great mix of experience, age, medium, and point of view. Here they are, in semi-alphabetical order:

A017 Ackerman Jason Photography
C54 Alexander Heather Jewelry
C04 Alhassan Yahaya Jewelry
A030 Amo Michelle Jewelry
C09 Anderson Kaaren Ceramics / Pottery
C11 Andrews Joanne Drawing / Painting
C31 Antonow Jess Drawing / Painting
A055 Apps Shawna Drawing / Painting
A011 archer john k 3-D Design / Sculpture
C27 Arena Cindy Photography
C43 Bacheler Virginia Ceramics / Pottery
A038 Barbero Terri Mixed Media
A051 Barry Rebecca Mixed Media
A100 Beckman Jolene Jewelry
C08 Beckstrand Kennan Drawing / Painting
A088 Belknap Dorothy Fiber Arts / Textiles
A120 Benedetto Deborah Ceramics / Pottery
C21 Bhamare Bharati Drawing / Painting
A101 Billings Joanne & Stephen Mixed Media
A040 Braches Nancy & Mike Ceramics / Pottery
C59 branch kimm Fiber Arts / Textiles
A048 Brasley Belinda Drawing / Painting
C32 Brown Colleen Fiber Arts / Textiles
A031 BrownSteiner Diane Jewelry
C55 Button Tara Photography
A087 Carter Cheryl Fiber Arts / Textiles
A024 Chaffer Thomas Drawing / Painting
C68 Champlin Magnus Drawing / Painting
A068 Churchill-Foster Sage Mosaic / Glass
A105, A107 Clinton Jeannie Jewelry
A106 Colangelo Carrie Fiber Arts / Textiles
A004 Connor Cass Linda Jewelry
C53 connors victoria Fiber Arts / Textiles
A079 Conti Gia Drawing / Painting
C58 Cordaro Rachel Drawing / Painting
C19 Craig Debra & Jef Printmaking / Book Arts
C50 Cridlebaugh Erin 3-D Design / Sculpture
A007 Cummings Lorraine Ceramics / Pottery
A008 Cummings Chris Photography
A012 Dauphinais Mary Ceramics / Pottery
A027 Davis Sherry Drawing / Painting
A061 Davis Shon Mixed Media
C28, C30 Day Bruce Mixed Media
A043 DeVona Rachel Drawing / Painting
C62 Dickerson Natalie Fiber Arts / Textiles
A118 Dooley Annelise Jewelry
A071 Doran Susan Printmaking / Book Arts
A064 Dorofy Jason Drawing / Painting
C52 Erdo Kathleen Mixed Media
C20 Estaque Meghan Fiber Arts / Textiles
A050 Ettman Dorothea 3-D Design / Sculpture
A010 Fallone Corinne Drawing / Painting
A047 Ferguson Jason Ceramics / Pottery
A014 Fitch Kevin Drawing / Painting
A103 Foster Andrew Ceramics / Pottery
A104 Foster Tomas Drawing / Painting
C24 Friedman Linda Ceramics / Pottery
A002 Friends Of The Public Market Sponsor/Organization
A102 Fulton Kim 3-D Design / Sculpture
A006 Garcia Juan Antonio Mixed Media
C17 Gonzales Stephen Jewelry
A052 Goodenbury Chris Photography
A054 Goodenbury Jessica Jewelry
C64 Griepp Susan Drawing / Painting
A094 Groaning Mark 3-D Design / Sculpture
C35 Guenther Marty Photography
A022 Gursslin Erin Jewelry
A090 Hamilton Celia Miimi Jewelry
C39 Handley Michelle Fiber Arts / Textiles
A124 Hanley Scott Mixed Media
A058 harkola stephen Drawing / Painting
A036 Harper Emily Drawing / Painting
A045 Hatzigiannidis Alexandros Fiber Arts / Textiles
A001 Hilling , Rubright Crystal Jewelry
A021 Humby Aaron Drawing / Painting
A095 Jackson Emma Drawing / Painting
A081 Jacobson Renee Mixed Media
A057 Jean jenny Fiber Arts / Textiles
C06 Jones Angela Mixed Media
A029 Jusko Hiroko Drawing / Painting
A070 Kaeding Jeanne Jewelry
A067 Kelly Rachel Drawing / Painting
A063 Kent Kelly Jewelry
A122 Kielar Franklin Drawing / Painting
A066 Knobel Susan Fiber Arts / Textiles
A112 Kreiser Jess Drawing / Painting
A026 Krist Stephanie Ceramics / Pottery
A075 Landon Ashley Jewelry
A093 Lawson Gregory Mixed Media
C38 LeBeau Melissa Jewelry
A025 Liano Betsy Drawing / Painting
A005 LoCicero Pamela Drawing / Painting
A110 lomuto rebecca Fiber Arts / Textiles
A033 Maciejewski Sean Photography
C12 Mack Devin Photography
C41 mack tim Jewelry
A098 Mannion Bridget Photography
C01 Marcello Stan 3-D Design / Sculpture
A097, A099 Martin Suzanne Jewelry
A084 McArdle Vicki Drawing / Painting
C48 McCorry Dennis Drawing / Painting
C46 McGuire Denise Mixed Media
C65 Menz Eric Mixed Media
A091 Messina Barb Ceramics / Pottery
A072 Meyer Kirsten Mixed Media
C37 Miller Abigail Drawing / Painting
A069 Minges Maura Jewelry
A046 Minielly Graus Kimberly Fiber Arts / Textiles
A092 Murty Nancy Drawing / Painting
A108 Mutschler Bill Photography
A073 Nudo Lisa Drawing / Painting
C44 O’Rourke Cory 3-D Design / Sculpture
C42 Olney Cheryl&Don Mixed Media
A059 Olson Adrienne Jewelry
C33 Paddock Bridget Mixed Media
C67 Padilla Yazmin 3-D Design / Sculpture
A023 Pascucci Dave Mixed Media
C34 Patton Emily Drawing / Painting
A016 perkins pam Jewelry
A009 Peterson Susan Mixed Media
A020 Pigage Jeanne Fiber Arts / Textiles
C63 Postell Maya Jewelry
A077 Powley Jackie Drawing / Painting
C23 Priddy Alyssa Jewelry
C40 rauber molly Drawing / Painting
A044 Rea Brittany Jewelry
C07 Read Barbara Fiber Arts / Textiles
A116 Rheinstein Karen Drawing / Painting
C25 RIT – Art House Mixed Media
C56 Roach Dorothy Ceramics / Pottery
A003 Robinson Laura Mosaic / Glass
A034 Rogers Matt Fiber Arts / Textiles
A096 Roney Kaitlin Drawing / Painting
A083 Ruby Holly Mosaic / Glass
A109 Ryan-Kron Susan Mixed Media
C16 Savage Colette Drawing / Painting
A065 Savka Maria Victoria Printmaking / Book Arts
A018 Saxon Matt Printmaking / Book Arts
C61 Schnapp Jonathan Drawing / Painting
A049 Schnauber Danielle Drawing / Painting
C26 Schoeffler Ann Mixed Media
C10 Schreiner Carol & Curt Jewelry
A114 Shackelford Rachel Mixed Media
C22 Sherman Arlene Jewelry
A013 Sinclair Kira Fiber Arts / Textiles
A074 Smith Tina Fiber Arts / Textiles
A086 Sullivan Carol Ceramics / Pottery
A085 Taylor Jane grace Drawing / Painting
C45 Terziani Mary Mosaic / Glass
C47 Terziani Patricia Jewelry
A062 The Summit Credit Union Sponsor/Organization
C66 Thone Mark Jewelry
C14 Tomb Michael Mixed Media
C02 Traugott Jodie Drawing / Painting
A111 Tubiolo Kevin Photography
C57 Valenzuela Cayetano Drawing / Painting
A035 VanDeusen Karlene Drawing / Painting
A015 VanTyne Rose Ceramics / Pottery
A039 Wachholder Maxi Fiber Arts / Textiles
A060 WBEE Radio Station Sponsor/Organization
A056 Welser Sherri Mixed Media
A028 Wright Casey Fiber Arts / Textiles
C29 Wyand Rachel Jewelry
A089 Zanni Tony Printmaking / Book Arts
C60 zatkowsky danielle Mosaic / Glass