2017 Artisans

We are excited to introduce this year’s Artist Row artists! We have a great mix of experience, age, medium, and point of view. Here they are, in semi-alphabetical order:

Booth Last Name First Name Category
A101 Abernethy Janice Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A015 Ackerman Jason Photography
A084 Alhassan Yahaya Jewelry
C23 Amo Michelle Jewelry
C08 Anderson Kaaren Ceramics/Pottery
C10 Andrews Joanne Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A069 Celebrate City Living Sponsor/Organization
C42 Antonow Jess Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A096 Archer John K Sculpture
A120 Arena Cindy Photography
A037 Ballou John Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A004 Barbero Terri & Jason Other
C58 Barry Rebecca Other
A093 Besaw Charlotte Fiber Arts/Textiles
C21 Bhamare Bharati Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A105 Billings Joanne Other
C16 Bivens Heather Jewelry
C54 Boon-Sabo Cathy Mosaic/Glass
A040 Braches Nancy Ceramics/Pottery
C60 Brame Megan Other
C32 Briggs Kasey Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A043 Brothers Abbey Other
A017 Brouk Vicki Fiber Arts/Textiles
A024 Brown Colleen Fiber Arts/Textiles
A085 Brown Carley Other
A031 Brown-Steiner Diane Jewelry
C17 Brucker Stephen Mosaic/Glass
A081 Brummell Desiree Jewelry
C28 Bruno Marisa Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
C31 Buscemi Edward Other
C33 Buscemi Marianne Other
C55 Button Tara Photography
C49 Calzada Josefina Jewelry
A106 Cammarano Evelyn Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A023 Cianciola Nathan Other
C65 Cicero-Yost Sam & Jim Other
C67 Cicero-Yost Sam & Jim Other
C34 Clark Linda Photography
C64 Clinton Jeannie Jewelry
C66 Clinton Jeannie Jewelry
C12 Conklin Jesse Photography
A065 Connor Cass Linda Jewelry
A080 Connors Victoria Fiber Arts/Textiles
A079 Conti Gia Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A092 Coon David Fiber Arts/Textiles
C56 Cordaro Rachel Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A051 Crandall Stu Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A019 Cretelle Kathy Jewelry
A007 Cummings Lorraine Other
A036 Dauphinais Mary Jewelry
A013 Davis Linda Griswold Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A025 Davis Sherry Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
C37 Day Bruce Other
C39 Day Bruce Other
A108 Deal Alyssa Other
A026 Delaney Michael Jewelry
A047 Deyo Julia Fiber Arts/Textiles
A002 Dipietro Kelly Ceramics/Pottery
A110 Dirkx Laurie Photography
A118 Dooley Annelise Jewelry
A094 Doran Susan Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
C43 Dutcher Amber Jewelry
A050 Ettman Dorothea Other
A088 Evans Carlie Photography
C18 Fabry Hollie Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
C50 Fallone Corinne Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A045 Ferguson Jason Ceramics/Pottery
A014 Ferner Karen Fiber Arts/Textiles
A073 Foust Katie Other
A082 Fraass Joshua Other
C05 Fricke Bill Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
C30 Friedman Linda Ceramics/Pottery
A006 Garcia Juan Antonio Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A039 Goebel Linda Mosaic/Glass
C13 Gonzales Stephen Jewelry
A054 Goodenbury Jessica Jewelry
A056 Goodenbury Chris Photography
A009 Groaning Mark Sculpture
A091 Grundon Adrenne Jewelry
A044 Gursslin Erin Jewelry
A090 Hamilton Celia Mimi Jewelry
A066 Hartmann-Dow Joey Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A112 Hatzigiannidis Alexandros Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A111 Haude Scott Other
A032 Hesketh Nancy Fiber Arts/Textiles
A003 Hilling , Rubright Ellie, Crystal Jewelry
A095 Holowka Nancy Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A059 Hunter Monique Mosaic/Glass
C35 Jackson Cathy Fiber Arts/Textiles
A052 James Cheryl Other
C19 Jean Jenny Fiber Arts/Textiles
A027 Jusko Hiroko Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A076 Kaeding Jeanne Jewelry
A104 Kaiser Kristina Other
A055 The Summit Sponsor/Organization
A057 WBEE Radio Sponsor/Organization
A116 Kosel Kathleen Other
A083 Larson Donna Mosaic/Glass
C03 Leary Sharon Ceramics/Pottery
C29 LeBeau Samantha Jewelry
C38 LeBeau Melissa Jewelry
A029 Liano Betsy Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A086 Lindstrom Carrie Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A005 LoCicero Pamela Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
C45 Lomuto Rebecca Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
C52 Lysionek Marie/Peter Other
A011 Macdonald Doug Other
A033 Maciejewski Sean Photography
C01 Mack Tim Jewelry
C24 Mack Devin Photography
A041 Magi Linda Jewelry
A103 Majszak Deb Jewelry
C68 Marcello Stan Sculpture
C06 Marquis LeAnne Jewelry
A097 Martin Suzanne Jewelry
A099 Martin Suzanne Jewelry
A098 McArdle Vicki Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
C44 McCormick Pam Other
C46 McGuire Denise Other
C41 Messina Barb Ceramics/Pottery
A064 Meyer Christine Jewelry
C57 Meyer Kirsten Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A046 Minielly-Graus Kimberly Fiber Arts/Textiles
A010 Neuhierl Elaine Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A124 Nowak Jean Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A018 O’Rourke Cory Other
C40 Olney Cheryl & Don Other
A075 Olson Adrienne Jewelry
C53 Ornelas MacFarlane Cielo Other
A030 Overmoyer Patricia Photography
C22 Paddock Bridget Other
C07 Pascucci Dave Other
A022 Patterson Heather Jewelry
C27 Pauly Pat Fiber Arts/Textiles
A068 Peterson Susan Other
C47 Pigage Jeanne Fiber Arts/Textiles
A063 Powley Jackie Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
C48 Rauber Molly Jewelry
A071 Rea Brittany Jewelry
C59 Roach Dorothy Ceramics/Pottery
A028 Robinson Laura Mosaic/Glass
A053 Rockcastle Mary Fiber Arts/Textiles
A034 Rogers Matt Fiber Arts/Textiles
A122 Ruby Holly Mosaic/Glass
C02 Savage Colette Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A048 Savka Maria Victoria Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A102 Saxon Matt Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
C09 Scally Dan Other
C11 Scally Dan Other
C51 Schermerhorn Martha Other
C61 Schiller Jill Other
C63 Schnauber Danielle Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A021 Schneider Lisa Mosaic/Glass
C20 Schoeffler Ann Other
A087 Seymour Laura Fiber Arts/Textiles
A012 Shabazz Fatima Jewelry
A008 Shanders Elizabeth Photography
C26 Sherman Arlene Jewelry
A001 Friends Of The
Public Market
C62 Sirianni and Groth Lori and Jen Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A020 Smith Lisa Jane Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A089 Snyder Lucinda Fiber Arts/Textiles
A016 Staples Carla Jewelry
A072 Steenhoff Melanie Fiber Arts/Textiles
A070 Steffer Aaron Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A100 Swayze Judy Jewelry
A058 Terziani Patricia Jewelry
A060 Terziani Mary Mosaic/Glass
C14 Tomb Michael Other
A035 Topolski Nancy Fiber Arts/Textiles
C36 Torella Danielle Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A074 Traugott Jodie Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
C25 RIT Art House Sponsor/Organization
C04 Tubiolo Kevin Photography
A038 Tucker Jim Other
C15 VanTyne Rose Ceramics/Pottery
A049 Wachholder Maxi Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A077 Whitbeck Holly Other
A107 Wilder Laura Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A109 Wilder Laura Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A062 Wolf Justyn Other
A042 Younger Bruce Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A114 Zachman Tom Mosaic/Glass
A067 Zanni Tony Drawing/Painting/Printmaking
A061 Zatkowsky Danielle Other